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Keeping your property safe and secure from unwanted visitors is becoming more and more popular, some people feel that security measures on the outside of your property can make it appear less appealing, Look at it from a different angle! doing the right security changes to a property can make it look more appealing… Fit a nice new pair of automated gates at the driveway of your property can give obvious security advantages but the added curb appeal and grandeur of opening a gate to get into your property boundaries can also be added with one simple move, New garage doors that are automated or lockable as apposed to the old wooden things that nearly fall of when you open them! new window locks, an alarm box in new condition, clean windows and a well maintained drive and garden also gives the burglars an impression that the house is looked after and well maintained. ┬ásometimes just these few appearance tricks will dissuade the burglar from visiting your house as apposed to a less looked after house down the road.

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